Fernley & Fallon Nevada Aerials

Here are recent aerial shots of the Fernley and Fallon areas. Both areas are in Lyon and Churchill County.





  1. says

    Your title says Fernley & Fallon. But all the photos are of Fernley as of 10-31-2018.
    P.S. I know the area well as my Grand Parents on my Mother’s side, my Mother and my Father are all buried in the cemetery on the east side of Fallon, NV.

    As an aside, the town of Fallon is in current (10-31-2018) disrepair. The surge of Californians retiring to a state that doesn’t tax it’s people far exceeded the available water. The public swimming pool lies in disrepair, abandoned by a severe water shortage best seen by the nearly dry Lahonton Reservoir west of the town.

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