Festival of Colors – Event Photography

The arrival of spring in India is celebrated annually during the ancient Holi tradition. The festival breathes an atmosphere of social merriment. People bury their hatchets with a warm embrace and throw their worries to the wind using bright colors. Here are festival photography shots from 2017.

Ranch Drone Video & Photoshoot Example

Your Listing Has A Great Story – Let Me Help You Tell It

I can help you tell the story of your unique listing by incorporating several aspects – aerial video and commercial photography – directly into your listing’s video. I will work closely with you to understand the history and features of your property. Here is a recent video for a rural ranch where the homestead dates to the mid-1800s. The original homestead structures are still standing, This video showcases the original homestead, current residences, orchard, vineyards, pond, hayfields, and grazing fields.

Above: The video presentation for the rural listing – The Union Pass Ranch in Eastern Nevada.

“Your listing will get noticed when you use our aerial video and commercial photography directly into your video presentation”

Here are just a few images of the property highlights, starting with the historical buildings:

If you are interested in having your rural listing shown in a video presentation to get noticed, please contact me today.

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