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Your Listing Has A Great Story – Let Me Help You Tell It

I can help you tell the story of your unique listing by incorporating several aspects – aerial video and commercial photography – directly into your listing’s video. I will work closely with you to understand the history and features of your property. Here is a recent video for a rural ranch where the homestead dates to the mid-1800s. The original homestead structures are still standing, This video showcases the original homestead, current residences, orchard, vineyards, pond, hayfields, and grazing fields.

Above: The video presentation for the rural listing – The Union Pass Ranch in Eastern Nevada.

“Your listing will get noticed when you use our aerial video and commercial photography directly into your video presentation”

Here are just a few images of the property highlights, starting with the historical buildings:

If you are interested in having your rural listing shown in a video presentation to get noticed, please contact me today.

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Artistic Aerial Photography Gallery

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Aerial prints are a great gift! Here are stock aerial photography images across Nevada, Arizona, Lake Tahoe and Northern California. These commercial aerial images are also available for use in media. Contact Evan for more information.

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Tahoe Reno Industrial Center – Aerial Drone & Commercial Photography

We shoot aerial and commercial photography as well as drone video for clients in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) located 15 miles east of Reno, NV. Since 2007 we have been shooting aerials for clients in the fastest growing industrial park in the United States. More than 100 companies call the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center Home including Tesla, Apple, Switch, Walmart, and Zulily. Many more are planning to move and relocate to the area in the near future. Here is one of our recent aerial views from March 2017:

Aerial of Tahoe Reno Industrial Center TRIC in Nevada

Aerial of Tahoe Reno Industrial Center TRIC in Nevada

Ames Construction is constructing the USA Parkway Freeway connecting the Tahoe Reno Industrial Park to Highway 50 – about 20 miles to the south. This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. Here is our video aerial documentation of the freeway from May 2017:

Here is our video aerial documentation of the freeway from March 2017:

The USA Parkway construction continues through the mountains of Northern Nevada as Ames Construction connects highway 80 and highway 50, about 20 miles east of Reno, Nevada. Despite our worst winter in 10 years and several mountains blocking the way, Ames Construction has been steadily progressing – nothing short of amazing. Ames Construction crews have already worked an estimated 139,000 man-hours on this project by blasting, excavating, installing piping, and grading & paving. Despite the challenges, the new highway is expected to open well before the end of 2017.

The new freeway begins at highway 80 at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. Recent business expansion into the area (Tesla Gigafactory, Switch, Apple) make this freeway the perfect solution for connecting Carson City and Dayton with the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. The USA Parkway will connect workers to additional housing and new retail opportunities as the workforce is expected to grow tremendously over the next 10 + years.

Below are our aerial photography shots and drone video from early March:



Real Estate Photography – Lake Tahoe Custom Homes

Here are images from a photoshoot of a beautiful custom home in Lake Tahoe from 2017. If you are interested in having your property or listing photographed please contact me for aerial, exterior, interior, dusk or twilight shots. Additionally I can make an aerial video of your listing.