Aerial of E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center at UNR

Construction has started! The new UNR campus facility will provide UNR students, faculty and staff with weightlifting as well as an indoor 1/8th mile running track. Three full-court gymnasiums for basketball and other indoor multi-use court sports will also be onsite. Completion is estimated for 2017. Image from 7/15/15 by Aerial Imaging

Construction Aerial University of Nevada Reno

E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center


Reno’s Virginia Street Bridge – Demolition Has Started!

Yesterday’s aerial construction demolition photos of the Virginia Street Bridge, the oldest of all the usable bridges spanning the Truckee River. This 1905 iconic bridge is being replaced after sustaining damage from flooding in 1997 and 2005. The bridge has long been the symbol of divorce folklore – newly granted divorcees would cast their wedding rings into the Truckee River from this location. Here are some additional interesting notes:

  • 1939 movie – “Reno” about the life and times of a Nevada divorce lawyer includes the bridge
  • 1961 movie – “The Misfits” starring Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe shows the bridge site
  • Listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1980
  • Over 14,000 visitors and residents use the bridge every day


Close-up of Virginia Street Bridge Aerial in Reno, NV

Close-up of Virginia Street Bridge Aerial in Reno, NV


Virginia Street Bridge Reno Aerial

Virginia Street Bridge Reno Aerial along the Truckee River


Aerials of Topaz Lake in Nevada and California

Topaz Lake is located on the Nevada (Douglas County) and California (Mono County) border – about a 90 minute drive south of Reno. In this aerial you can see the reservoir’s residential area is on the northwest shore showing boat access to the water. Boating, water-skiing and fishing are popular here as the lake is regularly stocked with trout. The depth of the reservoir reaches approximately 92 feet.

Aerial Topaz Lake

Topaz Lake aerial from June 2014

Aerial Topaz Lake, NV and CA

Aerial Photo of the residential part of Topaz Lake, located in both NV and CA

Tahoe National Forest – Placer County

Here are images from a casual flight over Tahoe National Forest. Areas include the ridges outside of Foresthill, CA,The American River, French Meadows Reservoir, and Hellhole Reservoir – all in Placer County.

Austin, Nevada Aerials

Austin, NV in Lander County is a very historic town in the middle of the state. Here are some aerial photo shots of the downtown area showing the historic parts of the town.

Battle Mountain, NV Aerial Photos

Aerial shots of Battle Mountain in Lander County, Nevada. These aerial shots are from December 2014.


Elko, Nevada Aerial Photos

Aerial shots of historic Elko, Nevada in Elko County Nevada. These aerial shots are from December 2014.

Shopping Center Aerials

Aerial shots are a fantastic way to show off your shopping center. View anchor stores and neighbors while showing off access points for shoppers. We can provide you with views from all directions including wide angle, medium wide, and close-up aerials shots. We are also aware of the need to show any residential population nearby. All shots are done in mind to help showoff the shopping center!

Construction Aerial Updates

Aerial Imaging example of an apartment construction in Elko, Nevada. This project started in 2014 and will continue to 2015.  Here is an example of a 360 view of this construction project:

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Aerial Photo Shots of Black Friday in Nevada

Custom aerial shots of North Carson City Shopping Center

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Aerial Photo Shots of Black Friday in Nevada

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Aerial Haunted View – Nevada’s Comstock Cemetery

The story of the glowing headstone has been around for years. From a distance, witnesses claim to see a headstone glowing at night. The event is not predictable by any means, and happens on occaision. The glow fades when you approach the cemetery. Many ghost hunters and investigators have tried to solve this mystery by investigating with special permission. You can research these ghost hunters and their experiences online.

Aerial of Virginia City Cemetery

Aerial View of Cemetery in Virginia City 2014

I have been to this cemetery during the late afternoon only. It is quite spooky as the sun fades behind the mountains when I soon realized I was not alone. Or was I? You can only suspect you are not alone. The cemetery is closed and night and monitored closely. This is to keep the vandals out. And of course keep the ghosts in.

The cemetery was established in the 1860s and the graves are a nod to the Victorian Era. The metal, stone and woodwork on the terrace graves are quite decadent. Most who were buried here were born outside of Nevada. Back then, the Comstock region required a surplus of workers to labor the mines in an attempt to find a fortune. Most died trying. Apparently some may still be trying, even after their death.

Happy Halloween
The Silver Terrace Cemetery in Virginia City, NV 2014

Interesting Google Earth Images – Nevada

Nevada has an interesting history with unique sites, some of which can only been seen using Google Earth. Here are some noteworthy images I have found. You will need to open Google Earth and paste the latitude/longitude locations below.