3D Scanning Services

Aerial Imaging can scan your site using the latest 3d laser scanning technology. We will also prepare and deliver your scans for your engineering department to import into any CAD system for 3d modeling. Whether you are scanning a complex environment or a simple structure you can take advantage of our comprehensive 3D scanning services.

We Visit You for Fast, Accurate and Safe Scans

  • Increase Jobsite Accuracy — The most accurate way to obtain measurement data
  • Save Valuable Time – Obtain results faster than any other method
  • No Work Flow Interruption – Safe to scan during operations day or night
  • Eliminate Errors – Prevent field re-visits
  • Safe to use – Personnel NOT in harm’s way during scans
  • Easy data manipulation – Data interfaces directly into CAD systems

How Laser Scanning Works

Scanning a construction site

Scanning a jobsite without interrupting construction

Laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate method of measuring your jobsite for acquiring highly accurate measurements. 3d laser scanning works by gathering millions of closely spaced measurements in a matter of minutes. These exact measurements are grouped into point cloud databases that are an incredibly accurate representation of your construction site. This dense data can be easily manipulated on standard desktop and laptop computers. Since the data can be viewed, navigated and analyzed much like a 3D model in traditional CAD systems, it allows you to easily understand what is happening on your jobsite.

3d construction scan

In most cases you will be able to obtain data beyond the project limits of your project.

Avoid the Trap of “Doing It Yourself”
While purchasing 3D scanner and software can be justified for your large project, additional factors are often overlooked during the purchasing decision.  Avoid losing time and the cost of having an engineer “learning” to operate the equipment. Even more critical is the exceptionally long learning curve and  expertise to prepare the data for your CAD systems. Our experience and expertise in the industry will get you the results you need. Let us save you time and dramatically increase your accuracy.

How We Do It

Preparing a site scan

Preparing a site scan

The FARO Focus3D is a high-speed, non-contact laser scanner, offering the most efficient method for 3D documentation. The scanner’s compact size and weight, combined with  advanced sensor features including a compass, height sensor, and dual axis compensator, enable it to provide a comprehensive, robust solution that helps streamline the overall data collection process, from scanning to registration. Delivering photorealistic color scans through an integrated color camera and an intuitive touchscreen display, the FARO Focus3D is a leap in 3D laser scanner innovation and efficiency.

Stay focused on your core business. Let us handle the scanning and deliverables to your engineering department. Contact us Today!

Building 3d Laser Scan

Screenshot of Laser Scan of Building for CAD Rendering

Industries Using 3d Laser Scanning

  • Construction
  • Law Enforcement
  • Oil & Gas / Piping Documentation
  • Heritage & Historical Preservation
  • Surveying
  • Architectural & Civil Engineering
  • Asset Documentation
  • Archeaology




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