Aerial Haunted View – Nevada’s Comstock Cemetery

The story of the glowing headstone has been around for years. From a distance, witnesses claim to see a headstone glowing at night. The event is not predictable by any means, and happens on occaision. The glow fades when you approach the cemetery. Many ghost hunters and investigators have tried to solve this mystery by investigating with special permission. You can research these ghost hunters and their experiences online.

Aerial of Virginia City Cemetery

Aerial View of Cemetery in Virginia City 2014

I have been to this cemetery during the late afternoon only. It is quite spooky as the sun fades behind the mountains when I soon realized I was not alone. Or was I? You can only suspect you are not alone. The cemetery is closed and night and monitored closely. This is to keep the vandals out. And of course keep the ghosts in.

The cemetery was established in the 1860s and the graves are a nod to the Victorian Era. The metal, stone and woodwork on the terrace graves are quite decadent. Most who were buried here were born outside of Nevada. Back then, the Comstock region required a surplus of workers to labor the mines in an attempt to find a fortune. Most died trying. Apparently some may still be trying, even after their death.

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The Silver Terrace Cemetery in Virginia City, NV 2014

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