Our Aerial Photography & Drone Video Work

Commercial Photography Dusk Shots

Architectural Interior & Exterior Photography

Commercial Photography & Aerial Packages Commercial exterior and interior shots are a great way to market and promote your building, especially when combined with aerial photography / drone images. Even better, add twilight shots at dusk! Our customers are architects, […]

Festival of Colors Photography

Festival of Colors – Event Photography

The arrival of spring in India is celebrated annually during the ancient Holi tradition. The festival breathes an atmosphere of social merriment. People bury their hatchets with a warm embrace and throw their worries to […]

Aerial Storm Light Over City

Artistic Aerial Photography Gallery

Need an artistic aerial print? Aerial prints are a great gift! Here are stock aerial photography images across Nevada, Arizona, Lake Tahoe and Northern California. These commercial aerial images are also available for use in media. Contact Evan for […]

Balloon Aerial View Reno Balloon Race 2018

Reno Balloon Race 2018

The Reno Balloon Race in 2018 was an amazing place for pictures. The Dawn Patrol and Glow Show are definately worth getting up at 4am to watch. Here are some of my pictures from the event […]

Lake Tahoe Aerial Drone Video

Lake Tahoe Aerial Marketing Video

Here is a marketing video we created to promote a fantastic house located in South Lake Tahoe, CA. This video includes architectural interior and exterior photography as well as drone video showing spectacular views:

Construction Aerial Photography

Construction Aerial Update Example

Here are aerial photography progress update shots of an aerial construction warehouse – approximate size is about 800,000 sq ft – located in Sparks, Nevada. We provide images very high resolution, these full sized images have been greatly reduced: Learn more […]

Drone Aerial Windmill Ranch Photography

Ranch Aerial Video & Photography

Ranch Aerials in Nevada & California I can provide your listing with fantastic aerial drone video of your ranch, land, estate, unique home or investment property. I can shoot all the photography onsite, including helicopter and airplane […]

Tea & Botanical Garden Photography

San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Commercial photography gallery of architecture, flowers, trees, water in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. These are from the Japanese Tea Garden and the Botanical Gardens from March 2017:

Shopping Center Aerial Photo

Shopping Center Aerial Views

Promote Your Shopping Center With Updated Aerial Photography & Video! We can shoot your site in all directions and leave plenty of room in the margins for graphics and layovers to use in your marketing. […]

aerial solar photography nevada 2014

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Array Aerials

Solar panel construction project in southern Nevada. Even under construction this large solar farm is a spectacular site from the air. To learn more about our construction updates, visit our construction industry page.    

Commercial Warehouse Aerial

Commercial Real Estate Aerials

Aerial Photography for Commercial Real Estate Views A close-in view is great for showing the features of the buildings. We will also take aerial shots from further away, which help to show access roads to […]

Construction Aerial Update

Construction Aerial Progress Video

Here are examples of construction progress videos from 2016 to 2017. All aerial shots are done in high resolution still images and video. Aerial updates are very useful to share with your clients – these were […]

Our Aerial Photography & Drone Video Work

Custom Home Aerial Views

Aerials & Interior / Exterior Photography New Home Construction Aerial shots are a fantastic way to show the location of schools, retail shopping, freeway access and so much … More

Reno Balloon Race 2018

The Reno Balloon Race in 2018 was an amazing place for pictures. The Dawn Patrol and Glow Show are definately worth getting up at 4am to watch. Here are some of my pictures from … More